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It’s true what they say, it starts at the top. Great leaders drive their businesses to be great – connected, aligned, and collaborative. Quip gives executive teams the tools they need to work together, personally connect with employees, and lead by collaborative example.

Make your meetings count

There's nothing worse than leaving a meeting feeling like you've accomplished nothing, especially when you're in meetings all day long. Use Quip to share an agenda, invite stakeholders with @mentions, jot down notes together in real-time, and follow up on action items after the meeting with tasks. Drive every meeting to useful outcomes.

Share meeting notes in Quip

Turn chaos into marching orders

Great leadership requires foresight, careful planning, and follow through. Define and share your team and organizational goals in Quip where you can build a shared understanding, assign owners, and follow projects through to completion. Bring your organization’s most important documents to life.

 Plan goals in Quip

Keep an eye on the details

Quip makes it easy to share and access critical spreadsheets that track your business' performance. Drop in to give feedback, ask questions, and give your stamp of approval. No more emailing attachments or digging to find the documents you need on your shared network drive - you've got more important things to do.

Manage budgets in Quip

Share and engage with your teams

Get the word out about new strategic initiatives and important company announcements with Quip where it’s easy for employees to engage, show their support, and ask questions. Quip gives you the tools and transparency to be more personal and connected to your business.

Company-wide communicating in Quip

Keep up with the action from anywhere

It's more than likely you're on the go...A LOT. Whether you're traveling around the globe, between offices, or on your commuter train, you need to stay in close contact with your fellow executives and employees. Quip's native mobile apps help your create, share, discuss, and drop-in on your team's work so you're never out of the loop no matter where you are in the world.

Stay connected via mobile in Quip

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How the Quip Executives Team uses Quip

Quip's executive team loves Quip because it keeps the team organized, aligned, and connected. Here's a few examples of documents and spreadsheets they use to lead our business.

Quip really fits the way we share and get alignment around ideas.
Rick Smith

CEO and Co-Founder of Taser

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